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Brian Eno's:"Small Craft on a Milk Sea"-review in NYtimes..//boomerang3...

i just read a review of Eno's new album in the NYtimes:


good review, i think it's articles like this that majority of non-musicians in the world will hear of "looping"
article talks about eno using loops to create his music, how he champions the ambient backgrounds we associate w/ film music, etc...

the interesting thing i thought, is that he created this album w/ a dj ( Jon Hopkins) & a guitarist (Leo Abrahams), in various studios
and then sounds like he manipulated stuff after-wards....

in one of the posts on The Gear Page, there has been discussion on the "decline of music (or guitar) mags" in recent yrs, and i was thinking,
hmmm, it would be interesting to read interviews w/ the 2 who worked w/ eno in the studio on this....sounds like they did lots of improvs to
create the pieces....of course, if they ask lame questions like "what kind of strings did you use?", kind of hard to get ideas of their process from this....
on the boomerang 3 debate, i believe that Henry Kaiser uses one for his loops on the "Art of the Stompbox" DVD. he doesn't really go into it too much
but he does some looping stuff w/ Nels Cline (Nels uses his old EH16ddl)...HK launches into stuff pretty easy w/ it, i know when he did his instructional dvd
back in early 90s, i think he used his Eventide H3000 for looping stuff....he doesn't compare or contrast the stuff, but it looks pretty seamless & easy from
what he's doing, use-wise....and i know he seems to really favor pretty clean sounds nowadays...even his fuzz use sounds clean to me....