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Re: What are the looper features that manufacturers are stupid to leave out?

part of this goes back to my premise: WHAT IS A LOOPER?
we talk about FEEDBACK CONTROL but isn't feedback control really a function of: DIGITAL/ANALOG DELAYS???
so this would (for me) fall under DELAY LOOPING!!! well i think.
i haven't had many of the phrase samplers loopers-do any of them have feedback control?

the funny thing (to me again) is they newish BOSS looper (rc3 and rc30) they eliminate the REVERSE on their looper
but the 2nd gen of the digitech jamman has reverse.

and i think: what are these co's doing?? it just seems odd....

i still wish they'd put a TIME KNOB on phrase samplers so you could do the varispeed/pitchshifting thing like i could do on my old:
DOD d12/echolution/eh 16ddl (i know the lexicon pcm 42 did it, as well as the electrix repeater), etc....
to me if they are supposedly modelling what old tape loops could do, you'd put that feature IN!!!!

as to rick's comment on the Vox dynamic looper-
i thought it was great at first....i'm now moving into the love/hate w/ it, not b/c of the feedback control, i think in general my
love for phrase samplers is not great...
although i will say that the post loop effects are interesting-the ability to manipulate the speed (fast or slow) or pitch (up or down)
is fun (granted the eh16ddl did this), and the reverse is nice, i will say the stutter is kind of interesting...it reminds me of what my
boss slicer could do (so in a way it's combining 2 boxes in there!)...and the scrum is interesting...not sure if i still understand it, but
it sounds cool....


Scott Hansen wrote:
I look at the list below, and i think, wow, people want THE MOON!!!
yeah...but you wish like mad your Vox Dynamic had a feedback control
don't you.

The main idea of the thread is that it's not inconceivable
there would be some kind of *minimum* feature set
that manufacturers wouldn't ignore.

...well maybe you're right and that is lunar.