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Re: Nels Cline on his EH16ddl from PG (5 essential effects article)

Nelson Clone? Did he used to play with Genesis?

On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 8:33 AM PDT Scott Hansen wrote:

>don't know if folks saw this, Nels C. did a short article in PG:
>*5. Looper*
>This last pick was almost a tie between the DigiTech Whammy Pedal and the
>mention of my antiquated and super-scarce Electro-Harmonix 16 Second
>Digital Delay (which would have been *even more* cheating on my part). I
>use them both all the time. I much prefer the original Whammy (the smaller
>red one) and have had some really aggravating experiences with the newer,
>"reissue" (the big red one that's not really a reissue at all—it's just
>red). But I am so lost without my old EH 16 Second. I have used it since
>Bill Frisell showed me his (he is *the master*) back in 1985. It's
>*always*recording, one can drop sounds into the loop
>non-destructively, do reverse
>(everything does reverse these days, but alas), it's small, It's magic.
>It's also rare as hens' teeth, and after writing this column it may be 
>more difficult to get! Too bad. To me, it's one of the coolest things 
>and I rarely leave home without it. I have tried other things; the nice
>folks at Electro-Harmonix even gave me a wonderful 2880 to mollify me 
>their "reissue" also wasn't a reissue and didn't do what the old one did 
>all, and I’d whined loudly and irritatingly about it. I think it was the
>first gratis piece of gear I ever got, and it came with a sweet note from
>Mike Matthews and everything—amazing! But sadly for me, the EHX 16 Second
>DD is all I like (try to find one and then try to afford one—my first one 
>got used for $225). It’s become a part of my playing and my sound,
>especially in my own music (The Nels Cline Singers, et al), and with
>full story: