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RE: Nels Cline on his EH16ddl from PG (5 essential effects article)

it's not really just an "ordinary delay". show me a delay that can go fwd or reverse, and then be able to modulate the time and speed and get all kinds of crazy sounds...most of the delays that i've tried when you manipulate the speed knob it usually does NOTHING (the digitech dl8 just sort of warps it in an odd way, which i've just gotten used to....but the material in the delay is sort of lost).
in regards to the digitech pds8000-digitech (8 sec delay)--i was told by a tech at digitech that the chip that made the pds8000 unique is no longer made.
to my ear it does what nothing else can. i think the problem nowadays is that people want LONGER TIMES, STORAGE TIMES, etc

the korg SDD units, are so popular b/c it's what the edge used back in the 80s/90s.

yea, the cost of the original eh16ddl are pretty out of control. remember we're talking a unit that's from early 80s...bill frisell's broke, hence he went to the pds8000...and from what i've heard, those original units are selling in the $1600 range. OUCH!!!
when i had my eh16ddlREISSUE (can't remember it if was 2 or 3 yrs ago). i bought mine on ebay for like $220, and actually i lucked out, b/c i was outbid...but the top bidder flaked out on the seller, and the seller contacted me a few days later and asked if i wanted it. so i jumped on that opportunity.
i was an idiot for selling it, i think i sold it for exactly what i bought it for.
i have seen a few REISSUES for sale lately, one i saw was in the $340 range. wow! i'm sure it'll keep going up....

like i said, i wish EH would make the EHssmh more of a delay-based looper, instead of relying on the 2880 unit....oh well. i can dream.

re:Seems ripe for a software emulation.  The comment about it being 8-bit and feeding back through the A/D converter was interesting.  Other than that, just looking at the controls it seems like an ordinary delay with modulation, feedback, and wet/dry balance, but with a really long delay time.   I had pretty much the same thing with a KORG SDD-1000 but with only 2 seconds.   The half/double speed and reverse are unusual but easy to implement.    If anyone has or remembers one of these I'm curious about what beyond the basic functionality makes these sonically so unique.