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Sonic Reality's “Infinite Instrument Series” Drum Libraries Announced
January 20, 2006 - Prominent sound developer, Sonic Reality, is pleased to announce a new series of high-end sampled instruments called the “Infinite Instrument Series” which are designed to work with streaming samplers such as Kontakt/Battery, Giga, HALion, EXS and more. The first releases from the series are the “Infinite Drums” collections which are focused on natural acoustic studio drum kits formatted as playable multisamples (no loops). The following three titles are being announced at Winter NAMM 2006:

Infinite Drums Custom

This volume features multi-sampled drum kits focusing on top-of-the-line modern studio drum kits as well as famous “signature” drum kits such as the Steve Gadd, Manu Katche, Stewart Copeland, Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckyl and other models from Yamaha, Tama, Pearl and more.

Infinite Drums Vintage

This volume focuses on drum kits from the 70’s, 60’s and further going all the way back to the 40’s and beyond. For that sought-after vintage character and tone, this collection offers an incredible range of sampled drums from brands such as Ludwig, Gretsch, Premier, Camco, Rogers, Slingerland and more.

Infinite Drums Session

This volume includes many of the style-oriented and famed artist kits from Sonic Reality and Joytown Productions’ Studio ProFile series. These kits have then been compiled into a single, stream-lined playable drum kit collection.

Infinite Drums titles each have an MSRP of $249 and come on DVDs with over 9 drum kits and 15 snares sampled at 24-bit resolution with top-quality studio equipment and expert engineering for a natural sound rarely found in sample libraries. These titles are designed for the ultimate flexibility for midi keyboard or drum pad playing, drum programming or replacement. The titles feature up to 32 dynamic switch points per key and Sonic Reality’s new proprietary alternating two hand I-MAP™ layout for the ultimate articulation control of the nuances of the kit, including seamless snare rolls, ghost notes, chokes and more. Also included are different hit types such as stick, brushes, blasticks and mallets plus mixing control over interactive drum kit bleed elements, mic levels between direct, overhead and room plus more.


Sonic Reality has been developing sounds for over 10 years and has contributed to the factory sound banks of popular products such as IK’s SampleTank 2.1, Sonik Synth 2, Miroslav Philharmonik, Propellerhead Reason 3, NI’s Kontakt 2 and Bandstand, Yamaha Motif, Roland Vintage Expansion Boards, Alesis Q series and more. Recently releasing a series of multitrack loop libraries called “Studio ProFiles”, Sonic Reality’s goal is to take sample collections to new levels of realism, usability and value for every musician.

Price: MSRP $249/each
Distributor: Sonic Reality www.sonicreality.com
Shipping: Q1, 2006
Saturday January 28, 2006

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