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Leading Underground/Indie Music Site Enables Direct Download Sales
MADISON, WI, December 7, 2005 - It's a new twist in the evolving music business - unsigned artists selling song downloads directly to consumers. "When a musician finishes a writing a song, they can now upload it, send an email to their fan list, and be selling the new music in five minutes!"

Roy Elkins is excited. As the Founder and CEO of Broadjam Inc., which operates one of the world's largest Web communities for underground and indie music, Elkins is passionate about creating opportunities for unsigned musicians, enabling them to bypass the old school "star-maker machinery".

Broadjam has unveiled a download sales mechanism that empowers artists to reach consumers directly without the layers of distribution that typically eat up revenue at multiple points along the way.

The new mechanism allows artists to sell their work through their own website hosted by Broadjam and/or through the download store at broadjam.com.

And artists are taking advantage of it. "All of this activity supported through Broadjam has maneuvered me into a great position, which is very difficult for an indie artist to do," says James Day, an R & B musician who sells original songs through his Broadjam-hosted website, www.jamesday.biz, as well as through the Broadjam website. Day's EP, "Remember When," is also selling well over the Internet.

All download sales through Broadjam are priced at 99 cents, with a net payout to artists of 80 cents, one of the highest in the industry. "Artists did not earn what they should under the old way of doing business," stated Elkins. "We've created a direct and profitable method for talented folks like James Day to bring their products to the marketplace."

Musicians utilizing Broadjam's turnkey website system have their own domain name and don't need to know anything about ecommerce, graphics or web design. Those without the website option can simply maintain an artist profile at broadjam.com. Prices range from free (up to three songs) to the top price of $19.95 per month for the website option. The 99-cent song price point reflects widespread consumer expectations.

And hardcore indie fans love broadjam.com, as do industry pros seeking new music for specific projects: The website's song search capability is strong, with dozens of fields such as genre, mood, lyrics, subject matter, tempo and geography making it easy to find just the right thing. Broadjam visitors can also browse over 175 Top 10 charts to audition the highest rated songs.

To learn more about Broadjam, please visit www.broadjam.com.

About Broadjam Inc.
Broadjam Inc. provides web-based technology, software and services for music fans, the music industry and independent musicians around the world. The company operates one of the world's largest web communities for musicians and hosts a massive online database of searchable independent music. Broadjam.com also offers artist services such as turnkey website hosting and desktop promotional tools. The Broadjam Pro Services group designs and builds custom technology for music industry clients such as Warner/Chappell, Academy of Country Music, Peavey, Yamaha and others.
Sunday January 22, 2006

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