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Native Instruments announces Guitar Rig 2
October 7, 2005 - Native Instruments is excited to announce Guitar Rig 2, the next generation of its groundbreaking digital guitar studio that won 16 international press awards and has become a favorite with forward-thinking guitarists and producers. The new version greatly expands the sonic arsenal with additional painstakingly emulated classic amps and cabinets, a full setup of bass gear, an extended selection of distortion pedals and effects units, a wealth of intriguing modulation features, a powerful live looping module, and more. Guitar Rig 2 also comes with the all-new Rig Kontrol 2, a rugged and highly versatile foot pedal unit that offers a multitude of practical control and connectivity features. It even includes a high-quality USB 2.0 audio interface for direct connection to the computer, making Guitar Rig a true all-in-one solution for both studio and stage.

Four new amplifier models, including a full bass setup

Based on NI’s acclaimed Dynamic Tube Response technology, the second version of Guitar Rig adds true-to-life emulations of four sought-after amp classics, bringing the total number of included amp models up to eight. The new Marshall JCM 800 emulation delivers the powerful hi-gain tone that defined the sound of countless punk and metal bands, while the Fender Bassman model adds a highly characteristic vintage flavor for blues and classic rock. Also part of the new amp arsenal is an emulation based on the Roland Jazz Chorus, beloved for its pristine clean sounds by jazz and pop guitarists.

Guitar Rig 2 also adds a full setup of bass gear, centered around a highly accurate emulation of an Ampeg SVT bass head with its signature bottom-end richness and sonic precision. A selection of six bass cabinets ranging from 1x15 to 8x10 sizes as well as four additional microphone models optimized for bass recording allow Guitar Rig 2 to turn into a full-featured four-string studio whenever the need arises.

More classic distortion and effect modules

Guitar Rig 2 further expands what was already the most powerful guitar effects suite on market by bringing the number of included stomp box emulations and effect units up to 36. Three new distortions pedals modeled after popular real-world units offer additional crunch, overdrive and hi-gain flavors, while seven new effect modules add further options to shape the tone.New additions include a stomp compressor, a classic Autofilter model, and a true-to-life emulation of the Dunlop Cry Baby Wah pedal. One of the most creative additions to the arsenal is the new Loop Machine, a powerful and highly intuitive real-time loop recording delay that allows musicians to record and overdub up to 99 layers of audio on the fly.

Powerful modulation features

Guitar Rig 2 opens up new possibilities for creative guitar sound design with the addition of a powerful suite of modulators consisting of an envelope follower, a multi-breakpoint-envelope, an LFO and two different step sequencers. Modulators can be inserted into the virtual rack at any location, in any order and quantity, and can be assigned to nearly any parameter of the setup. This offers an unparalleled amount of flexibility for unique and innovative guitar tones, from extremely dynamic distortion sounds to complex, evolving soundscapes.

The modulation system in Guitar Rig 2 has also been expanded to a full featured modulation matrix, allowing for total freedom in assigning controller sources and targets among each other without compromising the ease of use of Guitar Rig’s unique parameter control concept.

New multi-functional Rig Kontrol 2 foot pedal

At the heart of Guitar Rig 2 is the new Rig Kontrol 2, a multi-functional and fully stage-ready foot pedal that connects directly to the computer via USB 2.0. The pedal unit offers the complete range of control and connectivity features that a guitarist needs in the studio and on stage, and even includes a professional stereo audio interface with pristine audio quality and special low-latency response. No additional hardware is required for using Guitar Rig 2 with any mobile or desktop computer that is equipped with a standard USB 2.0 port.

The Rig Kontrol 2 integrates two instrument inputs, a balanced stereo output and an adjustable headphone preamp. It also offers a MIDI I/O and two pedal jacks to easily integrate additional MIDI controllers and external foot pedals into the setup. As a foot controller, the Rig Kontrol 2 offers six precise foot switches and a high-resolution parameter pedal with a further associated button, all of which can be made to control any parameter in Guitar Rig 2 with just the click of a mouse button.

Guitar Rig 2 will be available in November 2005 for for a suggested retail price of $ 579/ 499 Euro from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop. Detailed information about existing upgrade and update offers for owners of Guitar Rig 1 are available on the NI website.

For more information, please see www.ni-guitar-rig.com
Sunday January 22, 2006

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