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Native Instruments announces Traktor DJ Studio 3
September 20, 2005 - Native Instruments is excited to announce Traktor DJ Studio 3, the next generation of its groundbreaking mixing software. The new version will continue to change the face of DJing through a host of powerful creative features, including four playback decks, a suite of performance effects, an analog-modeled mixer section, a customizable user interface and more. Traktor DJ Studio 3 also allows DJs to browse and purchase the latest club music releases from within the software by giving access to the full catalog of Beatport, the leading online store for club music.

Four full-featured playback decks

Traktor DJ Studio 3 takes a significant step beyond the limits of conventional DJ setups by offering two additional playback decks, opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities. DJs can now mix up to four tracks simultaneously, or integrate additional loops and samples. Each of the four decks in Traktor DJ Studio 3 is fully equipped with zoomable waveform displays, comprehensive cueing and looping functionality, and Traktor's acclaimed time stretching technology that offers unrivalled audio quality even at extreme settings.

Beatport online store integration

Traktor DJ Studio 3 takes full advantage of NI's partnership with Beatport, the leading online music store for DJs, currently representing more than 1.200 electronic music labels from all over the world. The complete Beatport catalog can now be accessed directly within the browser section of Traktor, which allows DJs to preview and purchase the latest club music releases with maximum convenience. Traktor DJ Studio 3 integrates a dedicated download manager, and tracks downloaded from Beatport are instantly added to the existing music collection, turning the software into the first truly complete solution for the modern DJ.

Professional 4-channel DJ mixer emulation

Traktor DJ Studio 3 offers a completely new 4-channel mixer section modeled after the Allen & Heath Xone:92, one of the most acclaimed professional DJ mixers on the market. The mixer emulation is based on sophisticated analog modeling technology and offers not only the general layout and signal flow of the Xone:92, but also the sought-after audio characteristics of the prestigious 4-band-EQ and filter sections, as well as true-to-life channel fader and cross fader behavior. The emulation was developed in close cooperation with Allen & Heath to ensure maximum authenticity and fidelity. Furthermore, each mixer channel can be individually switched to emulate the EQ sections of either the Ecler Nuo4 or the Pioneer DJM-600, to guarantee sonic compatibility when using Traktor DJ Studio 3 in combination with other popular outboard mixers.

Beat-synchronized DJ effects

Traktor DJ Studio 3 gives DJs a further powerful arsenal of creative tools by incorporating a complete set of performance effects. High-quality filter, beat masher, flanger, delay and reverb effects add more depth and variation to the mix, and can be kept in sync with the track at a click of a button. Each effect parameter can be easily assigned to external hardware controllers, and different effects can be inserted on individual channels and the master section of the mixer.

New customizable user interface

Traktor DJ Studio 3 is equipped with a totally redesigned user interface that offers significant improvements in both flexibility and ease of use. The interface is now fully resizable to adapt to any screen size and aspect ratio, and offers a freely configurable modular section that allows individual control modules to be combined according to the personal preference of the user. This includes control elements for Traktor´s extensive looping and cueing functionality, mix and input recording, master section, and various deck and mixer functions.

Performance-oriented parameter control

An innovative new control concept makes DJing with Traktor DJ Studio even more flexible, intuitive and precise. Parameter changes for knobs and faders can now be "pre-dialed" via mouse and then instantly activated with the click of a button. Additionally the sensitivity for each on-screen-control element can be changed on the fly in five different levels. A new "Snap-to-Beat" mode turns each Traktor waveform display into an advanced control surface, offering DJs unparalleled interaction with the track and making precise cueing easier than ever before.

Advanced track collection and library functions

The powerful library functions in Traktor DJ Studio 3 have been significantly extended to make handling of ever-growing digital track collections even more efficient. The track browser now supports Context Selection for increased overview and versatile track sorting, while a new Category Search function allows for much faster results when searching for specific tracks, artists, labels or even BPM ranges.

Traktor DJ Studio 3 includes a host of further improvements, and continues to offer the full set of features that made the previous version the favorite tool of forward-thinking DJs: powerful library and playlist functions, compatibility with a comprehensive range of audio file formats, non-destructive mix recording, real-time Internet broadcasting, support for the Traktor Mix File format, extensive MIDI remote control options, and seamless integration with Stanton's FinalScratch 2 digital DJ system.

Statements on Traktor DJ Studio 3

"When we released the first version of Traktor DJ Studio five years ago, I would have never imagined how quickly the software would grow, both in terms of creative potential and in its cultural impact on DJing as a whole." says Daniel Haver, CEO of Native Instruments. "The Beatport integration is a major step towards the first complete digital DJ solution, and we are proud for Traktor to finally become for DJs what iTunes is for music consumers."

"We have seen DJs move to Traktor at an amazing rate for some time now, and the benefits of integrating DJ software and online dance music distribution are just to obvious to pass up." says Jonas Tempel, CEO of Beatport. "We are excited to bring our vast music catalog to Traktor users around the world, especially to those DJs who have been limited by the shortcomings of traditional distribution methods so far."

"We are pleased that Native Instruments has chosen to model the Xone:92 for the mixer section in the new Traktor version." says Andy Rigby-Jones, designer of the Xone series at Allen & Heath. "We are always trying to create products that will lead the way in DJ production and performance, so this collaboration marks another milestone for the Xone brand."

Traktor DJ Studio 3 will be available in November 2005 for for a suggested retail price of $ 279 / 249 Euro from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop. An update for users of TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2 will be available for $ 99 / € 79.

For more information, please see www.ni-traktor.com

Friday January 20, 2006

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