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Open Labs Unveils MiKo, The First Professional, Portable Media Workcenter
January 19, 2006 - Introduced today at the Winter NAMM Conference in Anaheim, at Booth #5804 in Hall B of theAnaheim Convention Center, the Open Labs MiKo extends the power of Open Labs' award-winning NeKo™, the music industry's most powerful production stations, to a broader audience of users, which include DJs, VJs, music video hobbyists, and amateur musicians. At the heart of the Open Labs MiKo is the AMD Athlon™64-bit single and dual core processor, which drives a powerful built-in, design-specific, full-featured, Windows XP™- based computer system. MiKo users can literally record, edit, mix, master, burn, and distribute their creations, whether high-definition video or 7.1 surround sound audio, on DVD or audio CD or send straight to the Internet, either through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

"Creativity is boundless, and MiKo satisfies any and all artistic desires," said Craig Negoescu, chief architect, Open Labs. "Whether your passion is video, animation, music, Podcasting, or DJ'ing, MiKo is the vehicle to drive it home and share with others."

The Open Labs MiKo is the first integrated portable digital media workcenter to provide a production hub for all digital artistic elements, including:

* the first portable production unit to support HD video
* a 37-note musical keyboard, with a 4-input/6-output, 24-bit/96 KHz audio section
* a 15" XGA LCD touchscreen
* support for non-linear video editing
* real-time controls, including a dedicated control section for DJ use
* interconnectivity for MP3 players, video players, digital camcorders
* expanded podcasting capabilities, as well as support for high-quality playback of digital music and video files via the Internet with full 7.1 surround sound.

MiKo features Open Labs' suite of applications - Karsyn™, mFusion™, and the Open Labs Navigator™ - which are a breakthrough set of technologies that allow users to control different musical keyboard devices and software packages through a single interface. Together, they create a clean, efficient environment for creation and performance. Instead of a complicated general-purpose computing environment, MiKo presents a streamlined user experience ideally suited for efficiency in the studio, and clarity and speed on stage.

Included with each MiKo is the Open Labs sound library, which contains more than 5,000 preset sounds and hundreds of effects, as well as Cubase LE for direct- to-disk recording and mastering.

MiKo Works Like You Do

The highly-portable, all-in-one design of the MiKo enables users to take their work with them wherever they go, without the hassle of traditional, component-based solutions. Whether you're in the studio, or onstage, doing video production, an all-night DJ session or just relaxing while listening to your favorite tunes or watching a DVD, MiKo can do it all with style. Just plug in the power, turn on MiKo and you're ready to go.

Hook-up with MiKo

As a complete media solution, MiKo plays well with your portable devices. Just hook up via Firewire, USB or directly to the Internet, and download your video, audio, and photographs with ease. A complete suite of powerful and easy-to-use software is available right out of the box for you to create, edit, manage and play your digital content. When you're done creating, you can transfer your project to DVD video or audio CD, or straight to the Internet via MiKo's built-in Ethernet port or wireless 802.11g USB key. This also makes MiKo an ideal platform for podcast production - bring in your materials, produce your show, and syndicate your finals - all in one box.

Audio and Video

MiKo provides superb audio and video quality for all your production and playback needs. MiKo features a 4-in, 6-out audio section capable of 24bit / 96 KHz operation. Two ultra-low noise high-headroom microphone/instrument preamplifiers with 48V phantom power are located on the front panel for quick and easy connection to your favorite microphones and instruments. The audio section also includes a high quality stereo headphone output with volume adjustment. The headphone output has its own two-channel driver stream, which can be used as a separate stereo bus or two-channel output giving you the ability to send a "cue" mix to the headphone output and a main mix to the main output. Two additional balanced TRS line inputs are provided along with six balanced TRS line outputs. Two channels of S/PDIF input/output and MIDI input/output are also included. Optional 7.1 surround sound module provides decoding of most popular home theater audio standards and provides output for speakers including front left, front right, center, side surround left, side surround right, back surround left and back surround right as well as a dedicated subwoofer.

MiKo's robust video section provides dual component VGA connection to the built-in 15" LCD touch screen and an external monitor or video projector. Based on a 256-bit graphics engine, each channel is capable of resolutions of up to 2048 x 1536, which provides high-definition video processing for full-screen, full-frame video playback of HDTV and DVD content. The dual 128-bit pixel pipelines are capable of up to 1.1 billion AA samples/sec fill rate and up to 34 Million triangles/sec drawing. This ideal digital video editing/playback feature makes the MiKo the perfect instrument for VJ's.

Control it All

MiKo provides a wealth of professional quality, application specific, programmable, real-time controls, built-in and ready to use with your favorite applications. The MiKo master control module contains a master volume knob, 4 buttons that can be used to launch applications and to burn a CD or DVD, transpose up and down buttons, complete transport, 4-way navigation buttons with fifth select button and a bank of 5 faders.

The innovative integrated DJ control section provides knobs for low-cut, high-cut and gain for both left and right channels, a headphone mix knob, buttons for headphone, set cue, match, mute, cue and play/pause for both channels and a professional quality graphite-travel Penny & Giles cross fader. A QWERTY computer keyboard module is also provided as well as a 15" high-resolution resistive color touch screen and a 2.5" track pad with dual mouse buttons.

Easy to Use

"We wanted to move to the next level of integrated media production - for the general digital artist - and the MiKo was the obvious solution; it operates the way we use our media and our PCs, but with the capabilities of a full music and video workcenter that is easy to use," said Victor Wong, CEO of Open Labs. "With great power comes great responsibility - as MiKo is a powerful solution for a wide range of creative artists, we wanted it to be easy to use as well. Open Labs is dedicated to creating products that liberate artists from closed environments. MiKo builds on that tradition by allowing the artist to explore new creative worlds - and at a price and performance level unheard of in the industry."

Speed Demon

For the demands of digital media production, MiKo features the AMD Athlon 64-bit 3200 series processor, which provides the necessary performance for digital media, better memory handling, and compatibility with future operating systems. MiKo incorporates Open Labs' PowerRush™ feature, which will automatically clock-chip up the processor for enhanced performance when needed on the fly and RunSilent™, which will automatically slow down all cooling fans when the system is not being taxed for near silent operation.

1.) Processor - AMD Athlon 64-bit single and dual core processors.

2.) RAM - 512MB upgradeable to 4GB

3.) HD - 80GB 7200rpm
4.) DVD- Burner

5.) 4in/6out 24bit/96KHz.

6.) 1 available HD Bay

7.) PCI Slots (4 available)

8.) Video - Dual Head

9.) 37-key Keybed

10.) Firewire 400

11.) USB 2.0 (2 ports - back)

12.) 802.11g WiFi USB key

13.) 15" color LCD touchscreen

14.) MiKo Master Control Module

15.) DJ Controller with Penny-Gills cross fader

16.) Ethernet 10/100T

17.) Windows, preconfigured for digital media

18.) QWERTY keyboard

Comprehensive 5,000 pre-set sound library, Cubase LE, Karsyn, mFusion and Open Labs Navigator.

Pricing and availability

The MiKo is being released at a groundbreaking price for its feature set - retailing at only $1,999. Preorders will be accepted starting January 19, 2006 for Winter NAMM. The initial shipment of MiKo will coincide with the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida on March 24, 2006, where it will be featured by some of the world's top DJs. Upgrades include dual core 64-bit AMD Athlon processors, additional memory and a second hard drive.

About mFusion

mFusion is the latest software component of the Open Labs OpenSynth™ platform, which is used in the Open Labs NeKo, OMX™, and MiKo lines of keyboards, digital audio workstations, and digital media workcenters. mFusion is a set of software technologies along with a control panel that allows the user to easily navigate, access, and remap control surfaces for all Open Labs control panels as well as all third-party MIDI control devices. mFusion will be shipped preinstalled in all Open Labs products as well as future products from Open Labs' growing list of development partners.

With mFusion, users merely need to touch a knob or slider to begin the process. A wide variety of options are available for each control type. For example, a button can send a MIDI note-on, initiate a program change, keystroke, or even launch an application. This versatility extends to encoders, knobs, faders, drum pads, and many other common control types, with the ability to address and remap up to thousands of controllers simultaneously.

mFusion's unified approach further benefits existing music computing applications. mFusion takes multiple MIDI devices and exposes the system to only one device, creating a virtual gateway with multiple extensions, thereby making it possible for music programs that can only access one controller to gain full access to multiple controllers.

For more information, visit their web site at www.openlabs.com
Saturday January 28, 2006

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