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Sonic Implants previews MUSE(tm)
January 19, 2006 - Invoking the full breath and scope of keyboard workstations, the Muse inspires musicians with an Olympus size set of sampled instruments. MUSE serves as a toolkit and compositional companion, inspiring new creativity with its vast range of instruments, all encapsulated in a powerful new virtual instrument engine.

Designed by the acclaimed Sonic Implants Sound Design Group, MUSE is flexible and diverse, containing roughly 30 gigabytes of material. MUSE includes an exquisite set of orchestral instruments based off the highly coveted Sonic Implants Complete Symphonic Collection, as well as an extensive collection of Synth Basses, Pads, Leads, FX, Ethnic Instruments, Guitars, Basses and a broad variety of MULTI (aka) COMBI instruments that combine sonic elements to provide quick and easy to use instruments great for working on the fly, or use in live applications. MUSE is also GM compliant containing what may be some of the most detailed instruments ever designed to conform to the General MIDI specification. In discussing the development of MUSE, Jennifer Hruska, founder and president of Sonic Network Inc. commented, "It is very rewarding to develop such a powerful & vast collection of instruments inspired by the versatility of the keyboard workstation. In addition to providing a huge sonic pallet, MUSE will give musicians more freedom to work quickly and easily."

Another highlight of this release is the paring of the MUSE instruments with the newly developed TASCAM Gigastudio Virtual Instrument Engine (GVI). The new custom GVI brings added power and flexibility to the MUSE content by providing unmatched award winning sample streaming & real-time performance capability. Johnny DeLeon, TASCAM Software Channel Manager speaking about the Sonic Implants / Tascam partnership states, "Sonic Implants has worked closely with the Giga team since long before the TASCAM acquisition of Giga technology. For both the TASCAM and Sonic Implants teams this opens a whole new chapter in our partnership. The MUSE is the perfect paring for our new GVI engine. The vastness & flexibility of the Sonic Implants MUSE content combined with the power of GIGA technology makes an instrument that will appeal to everyone."

The Sonic Implants MUSE with a MSRP of $499 is slated for an initial release in Q2 2006 PC VSTi, ReWire & Standalone version, with a MAC compatible version to follow in Fall 2006.

To find out more information on the MUSE or other Sonic Implants products please contact Sonic Implants 888-769-3788, or visit www.SonicImplants.com
Sunday January 22, 2006

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