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Re: Software update for Echoplex?

At 12:01 PM 9/11/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm short on time, so I can't give a real intro yet, but I 
>do have a quick post that should stir up something.

I only have time for a short answer, so here you go....

>I got an echoplex a few months ago, and I understand there
>have been some software updates to the box, but I can't find
>out hot to get them.  Any suggestions?

The software that came with your echoplex is the most current *shipping*
software. A lot of work has been done on an upgrade that is actually 
really good. It's currently being held up by a contract problem at 
I'm trying to help the various parties work it out, hopefully soon. One way
or another I'm sure it will get out there.

Kim Flint
OEM Engineering
Chromatic Research