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Hi folks:

Just wanted to announce my presence....I'm a 
residing in the Minneapolis area and into this kind of thing.  

I've been into loops and delays for quite a while now, used to credit 
as "DRONE guitars" on my self-released tapes for some things I must 
say...and why not?

I thought I was just weird, taking Allan Holdsworth's "volume pedal with
delayed guitar through multi-voice chorus" to its next logical conclusion.

Then I discovered Dave Torn's stuff and thought: "god, are other people 
this sort of thing too?"  And then I found out that lots of others were 
doing it 

Musically I was treated as the crazy aunt under the cellar since I would
often do some godawful screaming legato solo and then sit and drone for 
driving drummers to distraction.  EOS, by Terje Rypdal and David Darling 
of became a major obsession for a while.

I'm now using three bits to do looping, none of them are really designed as
"long delay loopers" like the Oberheim or JamMan, but they do the job:

o Lexicon Vortex (Yes, I know, only about two seconds of delay but added 
to the below.....)
o ART SGE (yes, I know, only 1.5 ms of delay, but added to the above....)
o Boss DD-3 (yes, I know, only 800ms of delay, but added to the above...)

I find that I can create a SWIRLING WHIRLIGIG FRENZY OF SOUND this way.

Anyway, the Vortex I bought recently for about $150 new and I found a neat
addendum to the owners manual that was sitting elsewhere in the music store
I bought it, so I grabbed it and it has all sorts of hints on using it as 
a looping
sampler among other things, it has several cascade loop effects which is 
nice and in combination with tap tempo delays I like it quite a lot.

I intend on publishing that little manual addendum for loop-addicts soonly,
Lexicon willing (like they'd care, right?  Maybe so...I like their 

I'd like to get a JamMan (8 seconds of high-quality audio delay out of the 
or Oberheim (the first is in theoretical reach, the second a bit more 
expensive than 
I can justify at present, though I'd love it....)

Anyway....I'll sign off now.
Have fun and continue looping.

By the way, did I tell you that I store loops on VHS Hi-Fi videocassettes 
DATs are a bit steep for me?  It works, too.  You just need a decent VCR 
without the
typical compression most of them have (i.e. you get what you pay for, the 
ones are pretty crystalline sounding...)

Todd Madson
Associate Technical Specialist (ATS)
LaserMaster Big Color Technical Support
LaserMaster W3 Site: http://www.lasermaster.com/
Personal W3 Site: http://www.waste.org/~crash/
Personal mail address: crash@waste.org