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Here we are

Good to see the list up and running.

Here are some things I'd like to see on the Web site: 

-- A list of essential loop-based recordings, with at least minimal review
material added.  This would be an ideal way to try and compile the most
definitive works by the most prominent loopists (is that what we're
supposed to call outselves?)  Obvious candidates for such a list (IMHO): 
Fripp and Eno's _No Pussyfooting_, any of Fripp's solo records from the
last two years, both of the last two Torn solo albums (and probably
several others of his as well), and no doubt a slew of others of which I'm
presently unaware. 

-- A companion list of prominent loop-based artists.  Similar to above, 
but with more emphasis on the individual's career and approach rather 
than a definitive works-type of analysis.

-- A FAQ for the Echoplex.  Until such time as the upgrade becomes
available (and even afterwards, probably), there are a lot of people who
probably have some of the same questions/problems with the unit.  (Not to
try and knock what is undoubtedly the deepest instrument in its highly
limited realm, of course, but there are at least a few unfortunate
gremlins floating about in the initial version that have caused me a few

-- An archive page on the Web site, containing sound samples (or links to 
samples) by loopists, including the members of this list.  (Check out the 
list-member's page at Paolo Valladolid's Digital Guitar Page for an 

This should be fun -- I look forward to seeing what we can come up with.  
Thanks again to Kim for getting the ball rolling!

--Andre LaFosse