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Unidentified subject!

Nice to be part of the start of a list instead of joing three years into 

Great suggestion about compiling lists of important loop
recordings......indeed No Pussyfooting, Evening Star.....eno's Discreet 

I'll do up a proper list and send it in a couple days.

I am currently using the Oberheim (108 second config), a Digitech RDS-8000
(8 second delay), and a Digitech TSR-24S (5 seconds + a million other
sounds) as the basis for my set-up.  However, my primary INPUT device is
energy bow guitar, which I've specialized in for about fifteen years: as
well as standard guitar, a discman to capture bits of anonymous CD sounds;
and a Yamaha DX11.

I wrote up a complete and detailed description of my set-up for some one
that questioned me via our web site, so as I told Kim I'll also get that
out, review it and submit it for possible inclusion on the web page.
Perhaps Kim can create a SETUPS page and we can all send in our routing,
device intenconnections, etc. and what we're able to accomplish musically
with the setup.

I know it would be helpful for me to look at alternative setups, in fact I
made some major major changes to how I do things after I was fortunate
enough to speak with John Sinks (RF's guitar tech).  

I'm sure we'll all get more in depth about set-ups and hope we can share
some good ideas and system improvements...

Can't wait for the Oberheim upgrade, but the box is pretty amazing even as 

That's about  it for now...let's get some contributions made to the page...
and get this thing going!  There are a lot more loopers out there than you
think, and in fact my partner Bryan Helm and I recorded and performed for
five years creating live in-the-moment loops, Bryan looping drum machine 
synth with a JamMan and a 16-second delay and myself on energy bow and
guitar & synth with the setup noted above.

A BAND of loopers as it were!

also if you get a chance visit our page (address below) there are some
decent downloadable samples too.

thanks for listening!!!

dave at studio seventeen  
lead me in with a count of seventeen...                         Mr. Blint
Consequences/Godley & Creme

visit: http:www.adnc.com/web/ambient/index.html                 seventeen: 
the ambient
music page