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Re: Here we are

>I think the Loopers web site should carry a page about the history of
>looping. Matthias' musings article is good for a start, but there should 
>more details on who did what when how.
>I'd like to volunteer to collect material and write such a history page
>(if this is ok with Kim), but looking at the sparse data I have on this
>subject, I need everybody's support - if you know something about the 
>write me (send private email).

Please go right ahead!  I wrote a text about the development of the
Oberheim Echoplex, which I've been planning to expand and put on the web
page. Matthias wrote a piece on the Echoplex's precursor, the Paradis
LoopDelay, which I will also put up as soon as I figure out where I lost it
on my hard disk.

I'm sure Jon Durant can help us out with Lexicon info.

And then of course there are the many important artists and the
contributions they have made. Fripp/Eno/Torn are obvious ones. There are
other genres where looping is real prominent as well. Hip-hop, techno,
house, trip-hop, ambient-techno, dub, etc have all developed looping in
interesting ways, and now those influences are pretty much common place in
pop music.

In fact, one thing I'm really interested in discussing on this list is the
different approaches and techniques to looping found in different styles of
music. I think we can learn a lot from each other by sharing these
different approaches and reapplying them in our own music.

>Eno's and Fripp's achievements are obvious, but I doubt that the
>classic tape loop system was actually invented by Eno - I guess someone in
>the electronic/avantgarde music scene did it, but I'm not sure who.

If I remember right, it was people in radio stations who first came up with
the idea of tape delays. I'm sure someone knows who they were.


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