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Re: how much is an echoplex?

>> How much does an echoplex cost (US) anyway?  Is
>> there anywhere i can try one out within a reasonoble
>> driving distance from Philly?
>Echoplexes often aren't as expensive as you'd think.  The retail is about
>$879 for a new unit, but for just over $500 I picked up a brand new unit
>*plus* the foot controller.  Why?  The store I got it at (Nadine's here
>in L.A., incidentally one of the few places I've found that even stocks
>the thing) wanted to move the units.  Loopers are pretty esoteric; very
>few people know what they are, and most of the few that do don't have the
>right combination of interest and finance.  So you should be able to
>track down one of the three "Big Ones" (JamMan, Echoplex, or Boomerang)
>at a pretty decent cost.
>Imagining the day Boss comes out with the $250 LP-1 looping stompbox,

Also, the Echoplex uses 30 pin SIMMs for memory. I've seen prices for the
4MB simms as low as $30!!!!  That means you can get a full 200 seconds in
an Echoplex for only $120 or so. When the thing first came out nearly 2
years ago, the 4MB simms were close to $200 each, and having the full 200
seconds seemed like such an extravagant luxury. Now it seems like everyone
should have that much....


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