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Re: Unidentified subject!

>Anyways, I have been running the Jam Man on the effects loop of a small
>mixer, with my bass and guitar and a microphone plugged into the inputs of
>the mixer.  I usually start the loops with an acoustic drum, to create a
>groove, throw in a bass line, add some textures with an accordian, then 
>guitar to my heart's content!  At first, I was upset that I couldn't 
>or "save" my loop with the jam man -- but I have found that this has freed
>me up:  I'm not concerned about getting it "just right."  I just play!  I
>have had a lot of fun with this approach, especially when there is no-one
>around to jam with.  However, I've also created some loops, that I enjoyed
>so much, it was rather painful to erase.

You know, I've had the same experience. I'm basically an improv player, and
I find looping fits that just perfectly. During the echoplex development I
created and destroyed thousands and thousands of loops while testing one
thing or another. Some of them were really good, too. But I found that it
didn't really bother me after a while. I developed a confidence in myself
that at any given time I could make a pretty good loop right off the top of
my head, so saving them wasn't so important.

The exciting and challenging thing for me is the creation of something new
and interesting each time. The process of developing a loop is the fun
part. Once I'm done with it, I'm usually not so interested in it anymore,
and want to make a new one.

>- Chris
>Chris Chovit

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