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Unidentified subject!

>I am interested in learning some of the techniques people are using to
>save, and possibly edit loops, after the fact.  I have a Macintosh -- are
>there some good (and inexpensive) digital editors out there for the Mac?

For multitrack stuff, Deck 2 ($299) works pretty well.  It's not
perfect, but it sure beats the hell out of tape.  I recently got Logic
Audio to replace it since it's allegedly the best thing available for
HD recording and MIDI).  I haven't gotten it installed yet, but stay
tuned.  LA is more like $600.  Depending on how it goes, I may be
selling my copy of Deck.

Both support external software effects plugins, from Waves, et. al.
Stuff like compressor/limiters, EQ, reverb, etc, etc.

Both are controllable by various external fader boxes via MIDI.  I
recently picked up a used Peavey, but again haven't tried it yet.  The
standard here seems to be the JL Cooper boxes.  All of these have
faders and trasport controls.  The more expensive ones have better,
longthrow faders (100mm), but are close to $1k.  That's a lot of dough
for a box that does nothing but send MIDI messages, IMO.

Then there's the Mackie automated mixer solution.  I doubt that you
can run it simultaneously with hard disk recording software.

Finally, if you want fast editing of two tracks, try Bias Peak.  I
bought it for around $300 for editing tracks for CD-R.  It's super
fast for two track editing.

All these folks have web pages.

Deck: http://www.macromedia.com/software/sound/index.html

Logic: http://www.emagic.de

Peak: http://www.bias-inc.com