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Unidentified subject!

Hello all!

Looks like we, loopers, are finally coming out of the closet!  The Jam Man
has changed the way I play -- I've never been able to write "verse/chorus"
type songs, but I've always enjoyed jamming.  The Jam Man has allowed me to
start with a groove, then layer sounds, until I end up with a full-blown
groove and/or texture -- and all without having to mess with tape decks,
levels, etc.  I have found that:  simple is better!  Although I consider
myself technically proficient, I have found that the less I have to mess
with the technical side, while performing, the more musically inspired I
become.  I imagine I am not alone in thinking this way.

Anyways, I have been running the Jam Man on the effects loop of a small
mixer, with my bass and guitar and a microphone plugged into the inputs of
the mixer.  I usually start the loops with an acoustic drum, to create a
groove, throw in a bass line, add some textures with an accordian, then jam
guitar to my heart's content!  At first, I was upset that I couldn't "edit"
or "save" my loop with the jam man -- but I have found that this has freed
me up:  I'm not concerned about getting it "just right."  I just play!  I
have had a lot of fun with this approach, especially when there is no-one
around to jam with.  However, I've also created some loops, that I enjoyed
so much, it was rather painful to erase.

I am interested in learning some of the techniques people are using to
save, and possibly edit loops, after the fact.  I have a Macintosh -- are
there some good (and inexpensive) digital editors out there for the Mac?

Anyways, I'm happy to be a part of this listing, and I hope I can 


- Chris

Chris Chovit