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Hey folks:

Here's some of the recordings that got me into looping big time:

Steve Tibbets: Safe Journey
The only recording I've ever heard where an electric guitar (or acoustic) 
made to hum like a frigidaire refrigerator.  Amazing stuff, especially the 
track "Going Somewhere".  One of my all-time favorites.  Tons of loops and
delay / harmonizer work here, almost hallucinogenic.  The perfect 
for a cross-country journey by night (and why not?  I used this to travel 
Toronto by night from Minneapolis on an all-night roadtrip to see T. Dream

Mr. David Torn: Polytown
Looping in a power trio context.  Heady metal indeed.  I saw this band on 
tour they did and Dave totally destroyed the concept that effects take the
balls and raw edge off your music: his guitar tone was like a molten gold
switchblade slicing through my cerebrum.  And he actually made his guitar
sound like water rushing through sewer piping at one point which made me 
laugh out loud.  A real nice guy, too, as it turns out.

Robert Fripp:  1999, Live in Argentina:
The first three tracks are some of the most amazingly dense and monolithic
yet emotionally affecting music I've heard yet, yet scary in an unknowable
way.  "The best way I know to make a hell of a lot of noise with one 
Indeed.  See also "Threnody for Souls in Torment" off the RFSQ CD for the
scariest dose of looping on the planet.

I won't get into Eno now, though I could go on for a bit.

Kiss - Love Gun
Just kidding.

Megadeth - Loop Bootleg
Loops for hours.  Also just kidding.  I'll shut up now.