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Re: Unidentified subject!

At 03:16 PM 9/12/96 -0700, you wrote:
>studio seventeen productions writes:
>>Nice to be part of the start of a list instead of joing three years into 
>>Great suggestion about compiling lists of important loop
>>recordings......indeed No Pussyfooting, Evening Star.....eno's Discreet

>If you're going to include Discreet Music (which wasn't a performed
>looped piece), you should also include the Reich pieces that inspired
>it and the Fripp/Eno stuff, such as "It's Gonna Rain".
AND THEN dave at studio seventeen said:

they SHOULD be included.  someone else mentioned mechanically performed
"loop" pieces, and sonically they are nearly indistinguishable from
"electronically" created (be they tape or digital).  a perfect example is
the long piece on God Save The King/Robert Fripp (sorry title escapes me
momentarily) wherein RF performs MANUAL repetition of the phrase for
something like sixteen minutes straight.  It SOUNDS like a loop, but it's 

As Kim mentioned, the fascination is in REPETITION (and the way the ear
perceives different permutations as the loop repeats)...the method of
production should be considered IRREVELANT to the piece as music, but
RELEVANT to us as a group exploring that rather large subject: looping.

I for one am ignorant of some of these early sources (Reich is mostly a 
only to me) and would appreciate their works:

a) being included on the compilation lists
b) anyone who is familiar with the material: make recommendations about the
best pieces to seek out and hear
c) put some of them up as sound samples (perhaps on the page) along with
their more modern companions

let's get as factual of a history as possible.  I have heard Fripp say that
the two tape deck method used by eno was developed almost concurrently as
several different places around the globe (or words to that effect) and so 
would think that there is no ONE FOUNDER of the tape-deck to tape-deck

all for now,


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