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Re: Unidentified subject!

>I for one am ignorant of some of these early sources (Reich is mostly a 
>only to me) and would appreciate their works:

Well, gee.  Eno has stated that the earliest (?) tape loop Reich piece
was a major inspiration.  It's just been re-released on
Elektra/Nonesuch 9 79169-2, "Early Works".  Be cautioned that they're
not his most listenable pieces.

Probably my favorite Reich things are Music for 18 Musicians (ECM
1129) and Different Trains/Electric Counterpoint (Elektra 9 79176-2).

Terry Riley is also highly recommended.  I can't stand Glass: I feel
that all his pieces sound the same.  That's probably why he's the most
popular of the "minimalists".

>let's get as factual of a history as possible.  I have heard Fripp say 
>the two tape deck method used by eno was developed almost concurrently as
>several different places around the globe (or words to that effect) and 
>so I
>would think that there is no ONE FOUNDER of the tape-deck to tape-deck

I have a recording, which I made myself, of Eno discussing "It's Gonna
Rain", and explaining that that's where he got the idea, which was
passed on to Fripp.