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Re: Vortex?

I don't think you can compare the Vortex directly to any other
multi-effect in its price range.  All the boxes coming from companies
like ART and Digitech are basically a bunch of generic effects in
series.  Compression feeds distortion, feeds chorus, feeds delay,
feeds reverb, blah blah blah.  The Vortex is completely different.
The "effects" are actually sets of controls for various points in
complex programs.  Internal feedback loops pass the signal in various
patterns through the modulators and delays.  It also has an envelope
follower that controls key parts of each program.  And an assignable
expression pedal input can be used to control any parameter.

As far as MIDI goes, it has none at all.  If you're MIDI dependent,
forget it.  Controls consist of two stereo plugs for footswitches (a
rather flimsy dual switch is included, that I usually assign to tap
and A/B switching), and another input for an expression pedal.  

But like I said, it's the most MUSICAL multi-effect I've ever used.
Sound quality is phenomenal, better than any reasonably-priced digital
device I've heard.  And the effects are mostly musically useful (as
well as a few really weird ones).

If you can get one cheap, I'd highly recommend it.  These days, the
Vortex is pretty much the only effect I use.


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