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You happy fellow should know that a jaman is around (converted in US 
dollars) $1000 here in france, not to mention the price of an echoplex!
Darn it! you said you could have a jam man for 150 bucks! It is going to 
drive me crazy!
By the way, perhaps you could tell me, you fortunate guys, before I spend 
BIG bucks on it, what differences between the two units, what I can do 
xith one, not with the others, what kind of memory they do accept to 
increase their delay time, if I can do it myself, if you can add one 
memory chip at a time (some electronic units accept only changes by pairs)

If you don't want to drive everyone crazy, since this thing is not in 
digest form for the moment, you can e-mail me privately.

Thanxxxx in advance

Olivier Malhomme