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Re: Here we are

I think the Loopers web site should carry a page about the history of
looping. Matthias' musings article is good for a start, but there should be
more details on who did what when how.
I'd like to volunteer to collect material and write such a history page
(if this is ok with Kim), but looking at the sparse data I have on this
subject, I need everybody's support - if you know something about the 
write me (send private email).
Eno's and Fripp's achievements are obvious, but I doubt that the
classic tape loop system was actually invented by Eno - I guess someone in
the electronic/avantgarde music scene did it, but I'm not sure who.
I'd also like to at least point to the minimalists' use of long echo lines
(Terry Riley's 'Rainbow in Curved Air' was 1971, 4 years before Discreet
-Michael Peters
(looping with the Paradis Loop Delay)