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Re: Here we are

>Good to see the list up and running.
>Here are some things I'd like to see on the Web site:
>-- A list of essential loop-based recordings, with at least minimal review
>material added.  This would be an ideal way to try and compile the most
>definitive works by the most prominent loopists (is that what we're
>supposed to call outselves?)  Obvious candidates for such a list (IMHO):
>Fripp and Eno's _No Pussyfooting_, any of Fripp's solo records from the
>last two years, both of the last two Torn solo albums (and probably
>several others of his as well), and no doubt a slew of others of which I'm
>presently unaware.

This is a great idea. If any of you want do little mini-reviews of your
favorite loop-based recordings, or even just a list, go for it! Send them
to me or post them and we'll put a section up on the web page for it.

>-- A companion list of prominent loop-based artists.  Similar to above,
>but with more emphasis on the individual's career and approach rather
>than a definitive works-type of analysis.

This is already a plan for the page. Unfortunately, I probably don't know
enough about any one artist to do anything real interesting. Any takers?
Even little bits and pieces on different loop artists would be cool. We can
glue 'em all together.

Another idea that's been proposed along these lines is a page about some of
us ordinary folks, who do our thing in the garage most of the time. I like
that grassroots approach. We can put up url's to home pages, audio clips,
gear descriptions, contact info, etc.  So if you want to be
self-promotional and make a page for yourself, that would be great. We can
get to know each other a little better that way.

>-- A FAQ for the Echoplex.  Until such time as the upgrade becomes
>available (and even afterwards, probably), there are a lot of people who
>probably have some of the same questions/problems with the unit.  (Not to
>try and knock what is undoubtedly the deepest instrument in its highly
>limited realm, of course, but there are at least a few unfortunate
>gremlins floating about in the initial version that have caused me a few

I'll do this. Its one of the main reasons I started this whole thing. I've
answered just about every damn question there could be about the echoplex
at least twice!  :-) I know I talked to some of you out there back in my
g-wiz days.  I also want to do a section of my favorite echoplex techniques
and tricks. Most people who own them have only touched the surface of what
they are capable of. Usually a few examples of the interesting techniques
possible with the deeper functions really opens the creative floodgates.

>-- An archive page on the Web site, containing sound samples (or links to
>samples) by loopists, including the members of this list.  (Check out the
>list-member's page at Paolo Valladolid's Digital Guitar Page for an 

I'm going to look into archiving list posts. I think the software might be
able to do it automatically. The sysadmin gave me maximum permission to
edit the list parameters today, so I'll be causing serious damage and
hopefully fixing a few bugs in the list over the next week or so.

>This should be fun -- I look forward to seeing what we can come up with.
>Thanks again to Kim for getting the ball rolling!
>--Andre LaFosse

Thanks for joining and making it worth the effort!


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