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Re: Hello and such

>Here's a technique I use with the JamMan to get a more flexible,
>improvisational feel from it.  When I first got it, I tended to use it to
>start a loop, then punch in more layers.  But what I found was that
>things just got bigger and louder and bigger and louder.  It had a very
>one-way dynamic.  Now, rather than using the looping functions, I usually
>prefer to just use its delay function.  There are 16 delay feedback
>levels, controlled by the knob on the front.  Turn the feedback up high
>and start looping.  At 16, you effectively have infinite repeat.  As
>things build, you can turn the feedback down and let a loop fade, then
>turn it back up and add more to the loop while the older material floats
>in the background.  This makes for a much more dynamic and rewarding
>looping improv, I think.

Control over feedback is one of the most fundamental loop techniques.
Without it your loops just develop to a certain point, abruptly disappear,
and a new loop begins developing. You don't have any continuity, so your
loops can't grow and evolve into something else. With the echoplex we give
3 ways to do this; the knob on the front, a jack on the back for a foot
pedal, and midi continuous control. Being a guitarist, I use the footpedal
method. I couldn't live without it, I vary the feedback constantly to let
things disappear at different rates or stay around for a while.

I didn't realize the Jamman only gave 16 different levels. That seems sort
of limiting to me, but even so I think it can open up a lot of doors for
you if you haven't been using it much. Try it out, it definitely opens up
the possibilities for loop improvs.

>Second, I'm primarily an acoustic guitarist, not electric.  I don't play
>electric much and I'm not really comfortable on it.  Hopefully, I'll be
>getting a new acoustic with a pickup soon, and I'll see how that works as
>a tone source.  I rather like the idea of sending the warm, woody sound
>of an acoustic guitar through my effects and seeing what comes out!

One thing that really surprised me with the echoplex is that a very
significant number of users are solo acoustic guitarists. I had no idea
that that particular use would be so popular. A lot of people have been
composing fingerstyle pieces around their echoplexes! So by all means, get
that guitar!


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