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Re: Hello and such

>And as long as I'm talking... I have to admit, as many of us do, I'm
>beginning to despair of ever seeing a low-cost, high-function,
>musician-oriented looping device on the commercial market.  They're all
>either too pricy (TC 2290), too limiting (JamMan), poor sound, or (worst)
>out of production.  But... I think there may be a solution.  And that
>solution is software.

Oberheim might put out a product like this if they get their act together.
They've been planning it for a long time.

>Ordinary desktop PCs and Macs these days offer 16 bit full duplex sound
>recording, huge memories (16 bit stereo sound is about 10mb/minute), and
>blazingly fast CPUs.  And pleasant input devices, in the form of MIDI
>faders, expression pedals, and footswitches, are also commercially
>available.  So why not just turn a PC into our looping device?  It may be
>a little impractical for the stage, but it'd be GREAT for home recording
>and playing.  Performance interaction could occur via any MIDI device,
>and new/clever functionality could be added at the software level.  A gui
>with a keyboard and mouse could be used, rather than the tiny knobs,
>buttons and LCD screens that can fit on a 19" rack.  Save your loops?
>Use the computer's filesystem.  Process your loops in real time.  Switch
>instantly between loops.  Reverse them.  Extend them.
>I really like this idea.  Once you take the hardware issues (digitizing,
>user interface) out of it, it's just a matter of throwing CPU and RAM at
>the problem until it goes away.

MacLoop!  Matthias has been evangalizing for this idea for ages. Somebody
definitely has to do it. A protools plug in and a standalone would be my

>Anyone wanna buy me a new computer so I can write this?

Be careful what you wish for Dave..... How are your programming chops?



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