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Re: Echolplex problems

>1.  The brother sync (which allows multiple echoplexes to be synced
>together, and also allows any of the linked units to be the "master") does
>not work with more than three units, although the manual would lead you to
>believe that it does.  When I tried to sync my two units with my brother's
>(he's really my brother!) two units, I experienced some weirdness:  None 
>the units would receive the sync pulse from any of the other units.  After
>successfuly syncing every combination of "three unit" setups, and checking
>my cables, I determined that the individual units were operating OK -- but
>when 4 units were "brother synced" together, the sync would not work
>properly.  After bringing this to Kim's attention, he discovered a design
>flaw:  it turns out this problem can be solved with a simple resistor 
>(Kim, perhaps you can restate the details of this for others who may be
>attempting to sync 4 or more units together).

This is a simple resistor swap. I don't have time to explain it now, this
evening I'll write it up for you all. It should be on the web site. And
thanks to chris for finding this problem!

>2.  I have tried to sync my echoplex to a MIDI sequencer, by programming
>the sequencer to send out the two record pulses (which define the loop
>length) via MIDI NOTE ON messages.  However, after a few minutes, the
>echolplex loop begins to "drift" away from the sequencer.  How can I solve
>this problem?  Is there a way to keep the echoplex synced to the sequencer
>(I have successfully gotten past this by syncing the sequencer off the
>echoplex, but this does not suit my purposes as well).

the answer here is to use midi clock for syncing. It does work in the
current shipping version, although the upgrade that is not yet shipping has
made huge improvements in this area.

>3.  I guess I should mention another minor bug, when using the brother
>sync:  Often the echolplexes do not Power ON correctly, when connected to
>other units via the brother sync.  In this case, I need to unplug all the
>brother sync cables, power on the units, then plug the brother sync cables
>back in.

Is one or all of your units pretty old? I think the first 50-100 were
really prone to this. New ones are less so. Shortly before I quit g-wiz I
came up with a design improvement that totally solves these problems. I'm
pretty sure it is not part of the current fab. Its a bit more complicated
than a resistor swap, but I'd be happy to explain it. Just promise you
won't all electrocute yourselves!

>4.  I guess I would also like to take this opportunity to perform a little
>"Oberheim bashing":  While the echoplex units are quite remarkable, and
>bugs are to be expected from such new technology, I am quite unsatisfied
>with Oberheim's customer service.  They do not answer their phones.  Many
>times they have not returned my calls.  They have denied that these bugs
>exist.  My brother and I sent in our units months ago, to be upgraded, and
>we haven't heard one word from them regarding their status -- they won't
>return our calls!  (for all I know, $2000 worth of out equipment was lost
>in the mail!).  Anyways, enough about that.  My goal isn't really to bash
>Oberheim -- but I want to make my experiences known.
>By the way, this last item does not apply to my dealings with Kim.  He has
>been quite helpful, and I really appreciate his service!

Oberheim's main problem is a lack of resources. (Their other biggest
problem is being part of Gibson, but I'll leave some of those tales for
another time...) I have strong disagreements with their tendency to then
prioritize things so that customers like you suffer in this way. I mean,
you bought 5 echoplexes! They should be treating you like a king.


>Keep on loopin'!
>- Chris
>Chris Chovit

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