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Re: Someone in Distress in France sans Looper

>The person who wrote from France who was distressed due to
>the $150 price tag on a particular rack effect (he thought
>it was the JamMan) was actually distressed about this price
>on the Vortex.
>The Guitar Center in Minneapolis was blowing out Vortex
>processors as fast as can be this past month and I got
>mine for a ridiculous $149.95, brand new in the box with
>footpedal and manual.
>Now it's not the JamMan, but it's still very nice and I'll
>likely be picking either that or the Echoplex up within
>the next year, now that I find out the Echoplex was available
>from Sam Ash for $559...
>Kim:  How much memory does the Echoplex ship with?

It ships with 4 256KB simms, which gives you 12.5 seconds. It has four simm
slots that take 30 pin simms, in pairs. You get about 12.5 seconds per MB
you put in, so maxing out with 4 4MB simms at 200 seconds. Since memory is
so cheap now, you can upgrade to the full 200 seconds for about $120-$140.

I'd highly recommend the memory increase. A lot of echoplex functions
become much more useful with greater memory. Undo of overdubs, multiple
loops, multiply, etc.  It really gives you much broader looping
possibilities, far more than just 200 second loops.


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