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Re: Echoplex/Jamman

>>You happy fellow should know that a jaman is around (converted in US
>>dollars) $1000 here in france, not to mention the price of an echoplex!
>>Darn it! you said you could have a jam man for 150 bucks! It is going to
>>drive me crazy!
>Why not mail order it from an american distributor like Musician's

A lot of American music instrument manufacturers have had trouble with
importing things to Europe lately, because CE approvals can be an expensive
process. Most of these companies are small and have a tough time finding
the money to pay for emissions scans, the engineering talent to design
products that pass, and the resources to completely redo the thing so that
it can be exported to Europe. We had this problem with the Echoplex. Since
I'm not involved in that anymore, I don't know if they have actually passed
CE and are allowed to sell it in Europe yet. That's one reason why these
things are so expensive there. I'm not sure if Sam Ash or other American
distributors can sell overseas. They would probably get in trouble with the
manufacturers since they would be competing with European distributors.


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