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Re: Echoplex/Jamman

>By the way, perhaps you could tell me, you fortunate guys, before I spend 
>BIG bucks on it, what differences between the two units, what I can do
>xith one, not with the others, what kind of memory they do accept to
>increase their delay time, if I can do it myself, if you can add one
>memory chip at a time (some electronic units accept only changes by pairs)

Well, this will all be on the web page some day. In the mean time I dug up
some old mail I sent to someone a while back. Since several people have
asked for more info on the echoplex, this will hopefully help:


The Echoplex is a lot of fun and useful in many different situations. I'm
kind of amazed at the diversity of musicians that use it. Everything from
hip-hop dj's to bluegrass guitarists to brazilian percussionists to
acoustic soloists to jazz flute players!

Here is some info I sent to someone else, hopefully it helps you too:

 the best bet is to call Oberheim directly and ask for one, (brochure)
hopefully they will actually send it. They are at:

732 Kevin Ct.
Oakland, CA 94633

Also, reviews of the Echoplex appeared in Keyboard (7/95), Guitar Player
(9/95), and Electronic Musician (8/95). The keyboard and guitar player ones
are most informative, but they are all very good.

Amazingly enough, there is a web page for it buried within the Gibson site:

Possibly even more helpful would be to call Gibson's coustomer service
dept. at 1-800-4-GIBSON. Ask for Alan Green, he knows the most about it
there. He might be able to help you find a store in your area that has one
in stock.

One way to try it out is to buy it from someplace that offers a money-back
guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. I think a lot of the mail
order places do that. A good one to try is Bananas at Large, 415-457-7600.
They often have echoplexes in stock.

And another cut and paste:

I think you should try out the Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro. (Now I should
tell you that I'm extremely biased about this because I was one of the
people who designed it!) Pesonally, I'm fanatical about looping, as are the
other people involved in designing this, and we designed the thing from the
ground up to meet our needs. I've used the jamman and the boomerang, and I
think they both have a lot of work to do to catch up with us. If you like,
I'd be happy to tell you all about it. My phone number is below. Here are
some features real quick:

- well designed, performance-oriented user interface
- optional foot controller for the rack unit
- expandable up to 200secs of loop time
- infinite overdub
- very cool reverse loop effects
- "multiply" function to create long loops over multiple reptitions
    of a shorter loop
- Multiple undo's for removing overdubs from a loop
- Up to 9 independant loops available at once
- fully midi controllable
- sync functions for working with external time sources (or generating 
- etc., etc., etc.,

Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, David Torn, and many, many others are using the

>Where can I get one?

Call Oberheim for a dealer near you. Many of the mail order places carry it
as well.

>How much will it hurt my pocketbook?

I'm not quite sure of the list price. $800 I think, but you should check
with Oberheim or your dealer. Street price should be significantly lower,
as always.

>How much memory does it come with as shipped from the factory?

Two factory configurations: 1Mb, for 12.5 seconds, or 4MB for 50 seconds.

>How much can it be expanded to?

Memory is expandable to 200 seconds with standard 30-pin simms. If you plan
to expand it, buy the 12.5 second version and get the memory for it
yourself. (its cheaper that way)

>Are there any spec-sheets online anywhere?


>Is there a faboo foot controller available or included?

yes, there is a foot controller available. It also responds to midi control

>Is it shipping?

yes, for over a year now!  We are currently finishing up a software upgrade
which adds several new features and improves others. look for that too...


y'all happy now?


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