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Re: Hello and such

>To start out a track, tap out a few beats on a footswitch.  The system
>syncs, and shows a graphical metronome.  Record the first track,
>tapping another switch for the beginning and end of the loop.  You
>could immediately start recording the next loop (or wait 'till the
>next go-around), and could specify the length of the loop relative to
>the first one with a couple switches, by specifying a rational ratio
>between the lengths.  Imagine two "increase the factional part"
>1 tap gives you a second loop 1/2 or 2/1 as long, three taps gives you
>2/3 or 3/2, etc.  You could easily make loops that are 7/8 as long, or
>whaever, to get really interesting repeating patterns
>(cf. "Discipline").

I have been doing something like this using multiple echolplexes, connected
via the brother sync.  I use one echoplex to create a "fundamental unit"
loop.  Then, I create loops on additional echoplexes, which are a multiple
of this fundamental unit.  Finally, I can go back to the original unit and
mulitply its length too.  Using four echoplexes, for example, I can have
them repeating every 4, 5, 6, and 7 beats, respectively.  This makes for
some great entertwining melodies, which don't sound repetitious -- they
sound like they are forever changing.

Obviously, having multiple echoplexes can be costly...Currently my brother
and I each have 2 units, so between us, we use 4 units.  This also gives us
the capability of separating them in space -- we are currently using a
quadrophonic setup, with each looper given its own channel, adding a
"spatial dimension" to the music.  Another trick I like, is to run a loop
through an effect, like a slap back delay, and sending this into another
looper (and another channel).  This makes for some "mind-tweaking" sounds.

I am interested to know if anyone is using Opcode MAX to create custom
interfaces with the echoplex.  If This is something that I would like to
undertake, but I would like to know if anyone as already doing this.  If
not, please send suggestions for interface capabilities.  My idea is to use
an ART X-15 footpedal to control multiple echoplexes.  I'm still in the
brainstorming mode, so suggestions are welcome!

- Chris

P.S.  In a previous message, I had referred to the Setve Reich album as
"Music for 16 Musicians" -- Sorry for leaving two musicans out....the
correct title is "Music for 18 musicians".

Chris Chovit