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Re: Hello and such

>I know EXACTLY what you're talking about; I want to do the same thing.
>The way I see it, this program should be able to run multiple loops
>simultaneously, and either mix them together or switch back and forth
>betwen them.  If each loop is an independent entity from the mixer,
>then loop length is arbitrary.  New loops could be created as copies
>of old loops, or as rational relations to other loops (1/3, 2x, etc),
>or with their own arbitrary length.  


>The sound source should be irrelevant.  It should be able to get sound
>off the stock Mac inputs, Digidesign, Turtle Beach, or Korg cards, or
>any standard-format sound files off the disk.  It should also be able
>to save your loops in standard audio formats, as well as a custom
>format for the system (collections of loops, a set of performance
>notes attached, etc).