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Re: Moo.

>Here's one we seem to have forgotten:
>Bill Frisell.  Bill has used short spontaneous loops as
>ambiance in a live setting for years.  I believe he uses
>a custom device with 16 seconds of infinite delay.  During
>a piece he samples a bit of something, speeds it up, slows
>it down, and mangles it.  Then, he'll fade in the loop at
>some opportune time in the performance.  There is plenty
>of this on his album _Power Tools_.  He shares that drunken,
>warped sound with Torn but in a different way.  Bill F.
>doesnt use a whammy bar, all his warping is done by bending
>the neck as he plays.  He's got killer jazz chops too.

My friend, fellow former g-wizzer, and tomorrow's jam partner, Matt Wright,
is also a frisell fanatic. He actually claims to own all of his

Anyway, he suggests the following Frisell tracks:

>Well I can make one contribution.  A use of the electro-harmonix 16 second
>delay: Bill Frisell.  You can hear it on the Frisell/Driscoll/Baron Live
>CD, especially the intro to "No Moe".


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