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>On Fri, 13 Sep 1996, Matthias wrote:
>> Can anyone understand why under the zillion models of Apple, there is 
>> made for the musician, who always was the most faithfull mac client?
>> It would be very easy to do a 19" rack version with a LCD screen for 
>> and a ordinary monitor for home!
>> All the musicians and studios and probably even some industries would 
>> that model!

and Dave then said:

>I definitely concur.  I'm used to seeing PCs in industrial-strength
>rackmount cases, and it amazes me that the same isn't available for
>the Macintosh.  Maybe one of the new clone makers will pursue this
>market.  Reliable rackmount VGA monitors are available, as are robust
>pointing devices.  All that really needs to change is the case.

Well us musicians are standing behind the desktop publishing industry and
the film editing industry in the Apple complaint line. They never seemed to
address the needs of their most loyal customers very well. Maybe things are
finally changing, but then how many times has that been said? ah well....

>> Well Dave, if you really do it, I will be very happy!
>> - One thing would be a shareware version, that does the basic for 
>> to play. Go ahead.
>Well, if I do this, I'll either give it away, or find some
>distribution channel to sell it.  Those of you in the audio industry,
>do you think a major vendor might pick up something like this and
>redistribute it?  I'm a programmer by nature, which is the logical
>complement of marketing.  :}

Oh sure! You'll be offered a very generous royalty with a handsome initial
payment. A team of their finest product specialists will be assigned to
develop a solid marketing strategy, which will include a major worldwide
marketing campaign in all the finest publications. The sales force will
relish the opportunity to sell a new product that is more complicated than
a can opener and actually requires them to explain something to music store
buyers. Glowing reviews will appear. Major artists will be actively courted
for endorsements. The superb accounting department will perfectly track
sales, provide you with figures, and always pay the correct royalty amount
on time. You'll be sitting pretty in no time!

Gee, that wasn't too sarcastic was it? As if I wasn't cynical enough about
this industry, I've been hanging out with Tom Oberheim lately. I'm learning
from the master.....

>in point.  Or maybe the reality is that we're such a tiny subculture
>that there simply isn't a real market for such tools.  :/

Not that tiny, really. Akai and Roland are on to something with the phrase
samplers they've got for dj's and techno producers. Those things are
loopers, with a different sort of interface and some different
functionality. (they are pretty cool too) The trouble is that no one has
figured out how to cross into all the places where loopers exist.
Gibson/oberheim only know how to sell to guitar players, Lexicon sells to
recording studios, Roland and akai to synth players. Loopers are in all
those places and more.....

>An interesting aside... do you think of your looping device(s) as an
>effect, or as an instrument?  For me, the JamMan and Vortex are
>instruments in and of themselves, not just processing for my guitar.
>They're just instruments that need an outside tone source.

Its an instrument!!!!!!  And like any good instrument, it allows the
beginner to have a good time with just a few basics. Record a loop and play
along with it. Anyone can do it and have a good time. Just like anyone can
learn a couple of open chords on guitar and have a good time playing a few
simple songs. But then, like the guitar, you can take it to much greater
depth, expand your technique, and really develop your own musical voice
with it. I really feel like these are the early days for a great new
instrument, and we are the ones defining a vocabulary for the future. Its
great to see all the conversation going on here, we've started kicking the
pace up a notch or two!


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