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Re: Technohoploops?

Chris wrote:

>No, I haven't tried to control two machines simultaneously.  I would like
>to create a mutiple-unit interface, using Opcode's MAX.  I would like to
>build it in a modular fashion, so as to keep the interface flexible (ie.
>easy to change/upgrade).  I imagine I will start creating basic functions
>(record, overdub, undo, etc.) which works on multiple units.  Then, I can

I used Max for testing all the midi functions during the echoplex
developmet. The patch is a bit messy, but it is capable of executing all of
the midi stuff. You could easily lift pieces of it out to make sub-patches
for what you are talking about here. Want it? I'd be interested in any Max
patches you do.

>create function sequences -- [for example, one push of a button could 
>one unit looping, the next push of a button could both: end that loop and
>start a new one, etc.  -- (the Jam Man has this "phrasing" cabability, but
>it is an "un-undo-able" overdub)]

I think this was just an oversight for us on the Echoplex. We added this
for the unavailable upgrade, and its a really cool function. One of my

>Another capability I would like to have is to be able to switch between
>loops (within one unit) on multiple units.  For example, assume I have two
>loops in each of 4 units, and all 4 units are currently playing their
>respective loop #1's.  Then, one push of a button could make (up to) all 4
>units switch to their loop #2's -- on the beat!  In this way, I could
>create different sections of a "song" (verse/chorus, a/b/c, etc) and be
>able to switch between them with one push of a button.  My goal is to be
>able to create simple (James-Brown-like) arrangements -- on the fly -- and
>"orchestrate" them while jamming on top of them.

You can do this with midi on the echoplex pretty easily. Use the loop
triggering functions, so sending the appropriate midi note switches
directly to the loop you want to go to. (So you can jump directly from loop
2 to loop 8, say.)  Probably you'd want to have each 'plex on a different
midi channel, and send the note to all those channels. You could probably
put them all on the same channel, I guess, if you always expected them to
do the same thing. You could even set them to all respond to different sets
of midi notes when switching loops and play them as chords on a keyboard.

Two cool things about this. One is velocity sensitivity, so you could have
a loop play quieter or louder. In your James Brown synario, you could have
the "band" drop way down for those funky quiet bits he does, even dropping
some instruments out altogether. (uh HUH!)  Then give yourself eight with
the mute-insert stuttering effect. (Yeah!) And kick the next section at
full bore maxi-funk by switching loops wth velocity at 127. (uh GET on

The other cool thing is the SwitchQuant, which quantizes your loop switches
so they happen right on the JB-approved one.


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