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Re: Technohoploops?

Matthias wrote:

>Did you manage to control simultaneously two machines from one pedal 
>I have done it, it takes an opertional amplifier. But its not acurate. Use

No, I haven't tried to control two machines simultaneously.  I would like
to create a mutiple-unit interface, using Opcode's MAX.  I would like to
build it in a modular fashion, so as to keep the interface flexible (ie.
easy to change/upgrade).  I imagine I will start creating basic functions
(record, overdub, undo, etc.) which works on multiple units.  Then, I can
create function sequences -- [for example, one push of a button could start
one unit looping, the next push of a button could both: end that loop and
start a new one, etc.  -- (the Jam Man has this "phrasing" cabability, but
it is an "un-undo-able" overdub)]

Another capability I would like to have is to be able to switch between
loops (within one unit) on multiple units.  For example, assume I have two
loops in each of 4 units, and all 4 units are currently playing their
respective loop #1's.  Then, one push of a button could make (up to) all 4
units switch to their loop #2's -- on the beat!  In this way, I could
create different sections of a "song" (verse/chorus, a/b/c, etc) and be
able to switch between them with one push of a button.  My goal is to be
able to create simple (James-Brown-like) arrangements -- on the fly -- and
"orchestrate" them while jamming on top of them.

I would appreciate any  feedback on this, before I get started.  If I am
careful, I can create some MAX code that would be both flexible for me, and
usable by others.

>You are probably the one with the most Echoplexes in the world (I have two
>to make stereo sound and an old one for programming) - so show us what is
>possible !

With this forum, we can discover the possibilities together!  Thanks to Kim
for getting the ball rolling!

- chris

Chris Chovit