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Re: multiple loops

Thank you Chris, for your description! I can kind of imagine the sound now,
but we  want to really hear it...

>The quad setup is just icing, really....doing away with the linear signal
>flow is the important thing.  I can effect the loops & loop the effects,
>indefintely.  Is the looping device an instrument or an effect?  Is 
>a recording or a performance?  It seems to me that the boundaries are

This is a difficult question for all of us, and important when we explain
what we use to play a whole orchestra live, in nearly real time (or for the
manufacturers and stores: to explain it to customers).

It is similar to an effect only in its mechanic and electronic structure.
The musical function has nothing of an effect, since it does not alter 
I call it a RAM recorder, too. Spontaneous sound memory. Sound mirror.
But none of the expressions so far is explaining what it does to whom does
not know it.
Any suggestions?