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Re: Technohoploops?

>>From: matthias@bahianet.com.br (Matthias)
>>You are probably the one with the most Echoplexes in the world (I have 
>>to make stereo sound and an old one for programming) - so show us what is
>>possible !
>Does the echoplex only take a mono signal?   Do you really need
>two to loop stereo signals?

Yes, that is true. Its also true of the Jamman and Boomerang. The reason is
that at the time it was being designed, the cost of memory and processing
required to do stereo loops would have made the list price much too high.
That is not so true anymore, and I imagine that next generation loopers
will have no problem including the capablity of multiple simultaneous

The advantage of the current Echoplex over the others out there is that it
is designed to easily sync with other echoplexes. (as well as other
sources) Its "BrotherSync" does two things. It syncs the sample clocks
together, so you don't have phase problems, and it provides sync pulses in
such a way that any of the units connected can define the basic loop. The
others can then easily create loops of exactly the same length or multiples
of that length. This is much more than just stereo, and can be quite a
powerful tool. So it is quite easy for Chris Chovit and others to use
several of them at once forhis  multi-track type loops.

The best stereo set up is really a subset of the brothersync setup,
although a little different. With stereo you have one echoplex be master
and one slave. Midi out of the master is sent to the midi in of the slave,
so commands on the master are duplicated on the slave. You also connect the
brothersync so that the sample clocks are together. Once it is set up, you
don't have to think about it anymore, the two operate together.

(and by the way, there are people with more echoplexes than Chris. I
believe there is one fellow with 8 or 9 of them)


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