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Re: Technohoploops?

>Yes, please send me your Max patches.  I perhaps I can use parts of them.
>I just got back my echolplexes from Oberheim (probably w/o the upgrade,
>though -- they didn't specify whether or not they put the upgrade in.)  I
>will send you any Max patches I come up with.  Thanks!
>- Chris
>>I used Max for testing all the midi functions during the echoplex
>>developmet. The patch is a bit messy, but it is capable of executing all 
>>the midi stuff. You could easily lift pieces of it out to make 
>>for what you are talking about here. Want it? I'd be interested in any 
>>patches you do.
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Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:looper test (maxb/max2) (0000C5C4)
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