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Re: Hello...

>Ken R said:
>>Hi  -
>>I'm brand new here and thought I would start off by asking two questions:
>>1) Is there an archive of old messages?
>I am planning to do this, but haven't quite managed yet. There will be a
>section on the Looper's Delight web site with batches of past postings. 
>haven't missed a whole lot, really. Although we have been quite prolific,
>the list has only been alive for three weeks now. I'll let you know when
>post archives go up.

OH NO, I think you missed a lot, Ken. There have been very nice hints and

I was thinking of maybe do the work to collect those. An archive of all
mails might be about useless after some time, because the subject usually
does not point directly to the content (look at this very message!) and
even less to quality.
To judge quality is not a nice job to do. Throwing someones writing away,
saying that it is not interesting for the later to come is somehow always
wrong, but somehow necessary to keep the concentration for the stuff that
really needs to live on.
Maybe somebody could help me by doing the same in parallel and compare?
Or we could share the work amongst the principal contributors. So Dave
would compile the "amplification" directions, and Todd the "Vortex" hints
and me the "loop magic" storys.

Should I just start and present a file?
Ideas, thoughts?