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Re: Plex Pricing

matthias and olivier.
tupkal is the achronym we as a group have more or less given to the unseen
echoplex systems upgrade. the second bit was about wise financial choices 
when to purchase the echoplex. ie...
what I meant was, (from my experiences dealing with most manufacturers) 
that I
will wait until oberheim/gibson gets the plex to a state that I personally
deem acceptable in order to avoid getting letdown(shit on, the shaft, 
stepped on) by the company. those are more expressions for you to work on.
being a student again means I have to be very careful with money(deutsche
mark, franck, yen, baht, pound, lire, dollar).

sorry for the confusion


I've been toying with the idea of setting up a mac IIci with hyperprism to 
looping and midi controlled spacial effects. I might put a samplecell card 
it also. anyone done this?