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Re: superimposing pitchshifter..

Re: Olivier's "Organ Synthesis":

> An other thing. once I ried something that i now will call "organ 
> Duh?

> By using two diferent pitchshifter, on set an octave above, with
> regeneration, and the other one octave lower than your signa, and with a
> bit of regeneration too.

> You route them in way that they are serial (is it english?) well, anyway,
> one goes into another. play then guitarn Stick, whatever you want, and 
> get an hammond sound (wel, do not exagerate too much olivier, will you?)
> Ok, an organ sound. Your shifter(s) are like drawbars and the basic tone
> voice of the thing is your instrument.

Olivier: I did this on a track called "Ghosts" with two ART SGE's, and
two Digitech GSP5's at one point about three years ago and got a similar
result.  Check out http://www.waste.org/~crash/index.html and click the
crash icon - you can download a sample of what it sounded like.

> Nice effect, powerfull sound, and a bit strange like something you know,
> but it is not exactly what it used to be....

Right.  It maintains the guitaristic elements of your instrument, but
sounds a bit...odd.

Glad to see someone else stumbled across this too.

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