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Re: DIGEST please

At 07:26 PM 9/27/96 -0700, you wrote:
>any progress on the DIGEST????????

uh, sorry.....

Unfortunately I don't have sysadmin powers at my ISP, so for some things I
can only ask them to do it and hope they're not too busy. Setting up the
digest version is a bit involved, and when I asked them they were 
with other problems. So my prediction that it would be ready last week was 
bit off! sorry about that. 

They have been gracious enough (or foolish enough) to trust my unix
abilities and let me muck around with the list parameters however I like.
This has generally worked out well, and I've been able to fix problems that
have come up pretty quickly. The digest takes more, unfortunately.

I've generally found that I get the best results by gently harassing them 
a daily basis, which is how I got the list going in the first place. So it
is partly my fault because I haven't been doing enough harassing in the 
week. I'll try to get on that. If you note the time on this mail, it is
currently 11:20pm, on friday, and I'm still at work, which has something to
do with it....

(This is generally a good technique to keep in mind when dealing with
excessively busy people. The trick is to be just irritating enough so that
they don't forget and want to do your thing so that you will go away,
without making them angry. You want to be nice and polite about it, because
if you make them angry they will actually make an effort to not do what you
want, and then you can just forget it. Keep this in mind when dealing with
fast growing internet providers, certain musical instrument manufacturers,
or your favorite list maintainer....;-)  )

Kim Flint
OEM Engineering
Chromatic Research