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Re: simple loop idea

>I've tried this before.  If you're looking for clean transposition, 
>forget the Whammy pedal, since it imbues any signal containing more than 
>one basic note with a gurgling warblish sound.  The first five minutes of 
>owning it, I freaked out over this ideosyncrasy, but have since come to 
>enjoy it for its own demented purposes.

This "idiosyncrasy" is definitely annoying...BUT, it is a very interesting
tool...especially if you do odd things like set the WHAMMY II to two 
up and then run it thru your TSR-24S set to ONE OCTAVE DOWN...and then vary
the pitch of either or both.  VERY strange possibilities there.  

If the funny noise problem would go away, this would be the perfect pitch
pedal.  It's far more intuitive to use than any rack mount harmonizer, but
it has a great range of features.  (Programming the Programmable Whammy in
the TSR-24S is quite involved...no glitches, but unless I want to spend 30
hours emulating all the stuff the "II"...you get the idea.

dave at studio seventeen

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