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superimposing pitchshifter..

I've tried also once the whammy. With a distorted sound, you gain on the
sound and loose those blurble (in part) when routing the whammy before the
distortion. Of course a lot of function of the thing are lost if
distortion come after (lika having two voices making intervals)

An other thing.
once I ried something that i now will call "organ synthesis".
By using two diferent pitchshifter, on set an octave above, with
regeneration, and the other one octave lower than your signa, and with a
bit of regeneration too.
You route them in way that they are serial (is it english?) well, anyway,
one goes into another. play then guitarn Stick, whatever you want, and you
get an hammond sound (wel, do not exagerate too much olivier, will you?)
Ok, an organ sound. Your shifter(s) are like drawbars and the basic tone
voice of the thing is your instrument.
Nice effect, powerfull sound, and a bit strange like something you know,
but it is not exactly what it used to be....