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simple loop idea 2

Back when i had a 2 sec looper my favorite thing to do was
to build impossibly fast chordal passages with guitar loops.
I would input one chord at a time (sometimes one note at a
time) and stagger them so that they were very close together.
Id have to practice the timing of each chord so that it
would be recorded in the loop accurately.  When the loop
was finished id be left with this 2 second impossible harmonic
onslaught of 16 to 32 stacatto chords.  Each chord may or may
not be even playable on guitar since some chords took multiple
passes to record.   The trick was getting the end of the passage
to resolve into the beginning so that it sounded musical in the
loop.  Big Fun.  


PS: The next trick is to learn to solo over a 32nd note chordal 
    passage!  Yeah right.  Allan?