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collier wrote
>ps: my rig includes a modified DEP-5, jamman, rockman chorus delay for
>feedback delay triggers and stereo sep for the effects returns on a 
>acoustic amp... along with custom multi output guitars and gr-1, sansamps,
>wahs valumes etc.
>I'm not entirely happy with the marshall except that it travels easily.
>anyone using portable stereo multi-input beautifully clean amplification?
>If I don't find one I'll do an independant study in electrical engineering
>and design something. also, there is a plastics dept. and acoustical 
>my main goal is pure sound and portablility.

Even for electic guitar, certainly for accoustic instruments, I recommend
to use studio monitors. They will give you enough sound for the stage
(unless you make really noisy music), serve you at home and allways will
have a cleaner sound than any "professional" speaker system, giving only
little less efficiancy.

The only problem may be transport, but my 10 years old Tannoy Little Red
are still working perfectly, and with all the scratches still look nicer
than the heavy duty plastic corner metall grid "live" speakers. I use them
on all the gigs, and on many of them even as PA for up to 300 people!
Sure, my music is soft, but sometimes I explode, and see people beeing

When you loop, the complexity of the sound grows, and with it, the
necessity for a system without distortion. The loved guitar amp, that sound
good for a solo, suddenly becomes uggly, when you loop over it.

Look for the clean sound