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Re: speakers

I agree with Matthias.  Forget using guitar amplifiers completely,
even dedicated acoustic amps.  The speakers are inherently limited,
and the preamp sections are INTENDED to add coloration.  I'd say use a
high-power stereo amp and studio monitors, with enough oomph to
provide whatever volume you need.  Use good speaker emulators like the
SansAmp if you want that electric guitar speaker sound.   If you need
more volume than a studio monitor system can put out, you should be
using a PA anyway.  :}  

Assuming you're using a mixer, you can use it with the monitors to
track your own sound, then send your mixer outputs to the PA for
everyone else to listen to.  This is good, because sometimes when
looping, you don't want the audience to hear the next bit you're
preparing.  At least I wouldn't.  :}

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